Every successful business has leveraged consulting as part of that success story. No matter what industry your business is in, it will benefit from having professional advice and guidance.

Here at the Branding Department, we have an intense passion for business success. To show this passion we make ourselves available to equally passionate business owners so they can make informed and mindful decisions.

Our consulting services are not based on selling solutions, they're about finding solutions, sharing experience and connecting networks.

Our Process:

To make sure you are getting the best advice for your business, we have several areas of expertise that we consult on: Business Development, Technology, Automation, Creative and Strategy.

Our clear and simple process:

Step 1: Let us know your goals, ambitions and ideas that you want consulting on from any of our areas of expertise.

Step 2: Together we'll schedule a video call to talk about what those goals, ambitions and ideas. If you need further calls to explore other ideas, we'll be happy to do that. Sometimes big-picture ideas take more time to understand and implement. We want to be there for you during the whole process.

Step 3: During our video call we'll go over everything with you, help you sort out details, answer questions, expand ideas and help you create a list of actions to take towards your goals.

Step 4: Follow up. We'll maintain a consistent and regular communication with you regarding those actions, the results and further expand on them to keep you motivated and focused towards your goals.