Who Are We?

Life is a curious thing. This curiosity has led our species to ask five big questions in the hopes of finding clarity, meaning and purpose to this shared world that surrounds us. Those five big questions are as follows:

  1. Who are we?
  2. How did we get here?
  3. Where are we going?
  4. Why do we exist?
  5. What the #$%* is branding?
The Branded Department creates custom plans to strengthen positions, refresh and invigorate marketing, or to develop something new and innovative for entrepreneurs and business owners. Every successful business has a branding department, that's us, for your business. We have the tools, experience, solutions and passion to help you grow your business and its brand.

Now, we're the first to admit that everyone here at the Branding Department are as curious about the first four questions as you are, and quite frankly, we won't dare claim to have any discernible answers. Your theories are probably as good as ours, maybe even better.

That leaves the age old question of 'What the #$%* is branding?' Now, don't quote us on this but we're pretty sure ancient civilizations struggled with question five the most. We imagine great thinkers, leaders and plenty of bar stool geniuses during long nights at the local tavern have attempted to bring clarity to that question. We know we have, in fact, last night was one of those nights.

Anyhow, I digress... So, what is all this that you're reading? Honestly, it's our brand voice. A voice of experience, wit, curiosity and insight.

That's our brand. That's the Branding Department. That's us. That's what we do, what we love and most importantly, that's what we want for your business. A powerful and unique brand voice, aesthetic and purpose.
Supporting the Business Community

So, it's time you ask yourself the secret sixth question that has also plagued our species since the dawn of time and space; "When will my brand truly represent the type of business I want to show the world?"

The answer? Probably in several weeks because solving cosmic-level questions takes time, resources and effort.

So, why wait?

Let's get started.