Our Team

The Branding Department is a company rooted in long term efforts of three individuals; Jason Hilton, Christian Honetschlager and Patrick Tyroler. Together they have created a service platform and business that offers some of the highest quality brand development services available today.

Welcome to the Branding Department.

Jason Hilton - Founder & Creative Director

Ten years ago, Jason started a company called The Red Rabbit Studio which evolved into a business brand development studio. Over that decade he grew, evolved and expanded the business into what the Branding Department now is. A dedicated designer and thinker.

In his spare time Jason has a green-thumb, enjoys dancing and adventures in the wild mountains of British Columbia.
Heading up the creative, company vision and service platform side of things here at the Branding Department means that clients will receive innovative, experienced and professional services. 


Christian Honetschlager - CEO, Co-Founder 

With over 15 years in leadership and business development roles throughout the U.S. and Europe, Christian's well-rounded experience in organizational development, strategic business planning and budgeting/financials allows him to help you quickly identify opportunities for your organization in both the long and short term.

Christian spends his spare time in his work shop creating custom light fixtures, up-cycled furniture while also paying attention to his growing collection of felines. 

Leading the corporate team at Branding Department while ensuring an ethical and 'people-first' business development approach, Christian brings a tremendous force of capabilities and pragmatism.


Patrick Tyroler - CTO, Head of R&D 

Patrick brings a substantial depth of knowledge with over 15 years of experience working in tech. He is compelled to innovate, and frequently leads the charge on cutting edge technology. As an engineer, his nature is to consider all angles when creating solutions. Patrick’s craftsmanship includes custom electronics, software and infrastructure architecture.

An explorer at heart, he’s often found on off-road trails in his Jeep while also seeking the far off reaches of wild country.

At the Branding Department, Patrick will lead developments in technology, innovating cutting edge systems while growing the R&D section.