Dunbar-Point Grey Appliance Repair

It's not easy for many business owners when trying to figure things out online. Jason and his team at the Branding Department are transparent with communication. As far as I'm concerned the Branding Department is with me for the long term. ~ Don Broatch

Client since: 2012
Industry: Appliance Repair
Location: Vancouver, British Columbia

"I first met Don, the owner of Dunbar Point-Grey Appliance Repair, when he came to my home to fix my stove. He was friendly and talked about his business. I got the sense he was struggling with his website, communications sytems and other brand-related elements of the business. We came through with what he needed and have consistently helped him ever since."

~ Jason Hilton, Founder Branding Department

Services Provided:

Traditonal Meets Modern

The Dunbar logo is a characterization of the owner Don Broatch. Evoking the 'handy man' aesthetic with a muted colour scheme rounds this brand and it's message clearly.

Web Design & Long Term Brand Development

The Dunbar website is built to be concise, brief and directed towards contacting Don to book services. Compared to other websites, Dunbar's is a trim and highly effective design with a lot of the extras removed.
>>>> Don's Website HERE

Logo Design

The logo design for Dunbar Point-Grey Appliance Repair was a fun and engaging design. Using a classic 'handy man' aesthetic, it captures the friendly features and nature of Don, the owner, along with a simple and muted colour scheme.

SEO Maintenance

Don has a focus on his direct community. As a sole-prop business, he maintains a high search ranking for his geographic area. This has been vital in producing more leads and continued work for over 10 years working with us.

"I'm proud to be able to help Don, his business and community mindedness."