Ed Bogner Mechanical Inc.

Our brand was upside down. Website was invisible. Logo decades out of date. Now, we have a highly visible website and a logo we can be proud of. Most importantly, the coaching that Branding Department provides has given me a path to a clear and long-term marketing strategy for our brand.
~ Chris Sartain, Owner

Client since: 2019
Industry: HVAC Services
Location: Santa Cruz County, California

"Working closely with Chris Sartain towards his marketing goals has been a smooth and results-driven process. The future looks bright for Ed Bogner Mechanical."

~ Jason Hilton, Founder Branding Department

Services Provided:

Long Term Brand Development & Bi-Weekly Consulting

The website operates with all the bells and whistles we have to offer at the Branding Department. The Ed Bogner brand benefits from web hosting, form hosting, data and anayltics, client-standard BD Dashboard, along with custom built 16 month marketing calendar.
>>>> Ed Bogner Website HERE

Logo Design

The exciting and 'race car-ish' feel will be used to draw attention to a clear and easy-to-read recognizable name. The result is a resounding success in brand design.

Long Term Planning

The owners, Katrina and Chris, purchased the name, local high reputation and infrastructure of the Ed Bogner Mechanical business. Together, they rebranded the aesthetic to evoke something fresh, vibrant and friendly. Customers responded loved the new design, overwhelmingly.

Print & Digital Marketing

To reach their community with a friendly face, message and offering, they invested in both email and postcard mailing systems. We've helped Ed Bogner reach the eyes and homes of Santa Cruz County.

"Our two businesses have worked together towards sustainable and scable growth."