High Desert Air Ductor

We're a new client so I don't have a quote yet... but give it time, but so far they're doing great! ~Jerry, Owner High Desert Air Ductor (probably, if we asked for a quote)

Client since: 2022
Industry: HVAC Services
Location: Ridgecrest, California

"We worked towards attaining High Desert Air Ductor as a client for 14 months. When we first assessed them as a potential client we quickly realized the potential for the brand. They had a small market but large community presence and establshed namesake. The town of Ridgecrest was familiar with High Desert Air Ductor. We knew we could help them maintain a strong hold on thier market while growing and outpacing their up-and-coming competitors.

Securing them as a client was a professional highlight for our company in 2022."

~ Jason Hilton, Founder Branding Department

Services Provided:

Logo Design

The established logo and branding for High Desert was well in hand prior to us taking over their brand development. We simply cleaned up the presentation and found unique ways of using their name throughout their brand elements.

Web Design & Long Term Brand Development

The new High Desert Air Ductor website consists of a clear and directed communicative design. All elements use the established brand colours while adding a soft orange to bring attention to buttons and other site elements. The various pages are easy to find and reduced to medium size content for ease of use by clients. The main call-to-actions are all built around calling and completing their online forms. >>>> High Desert Website HERE

Online Form Managment

The forms that need to be completed easily and smoothly by Air Ductor customers looking for clear communication. Each time the form is completed, their office is immediately notified.

Google Analytics

Jerry (the owner) uses data for his business decisions to better understand his customers. We provide monthly insight into his metrics, while also providing him the raw data for in-house analysis. It's an effective and results driven service.

"One of our first new clients of 2022"