Jessica Hilton, Registered Clinical Counsellor

The Branding Department has helped me with a simple, clean and easy to use website which was something I specifically asked for, something that my clients would find friendly, clutter free and easy to read. They update the site quickly and effortlessly whenever I need it. I highly recommend them. ~Jessica

Client since: 2010
Industry: Clinical Counselling
Location: British Columbia, Canada

"Jessica has an eye for what works and what is best for her clients. She was clear what her expectations were for our services. We answered that by listening closely to her needs then creating solutions for both her online presence and in-house communications systems. Currently she operates the practice on a part time basis.

Jessica is one of our longest ongoing and steadily growing sole-operator clients we've had. We look forward to a continued, long and supportive relationship with her as she progresses towards full time operation of her practice."

~ Jason Hilton, Founder Branding Department

Services Provided:

Logo Design

Jessica's new logo evokes a soft and comfortable design. The colours are muted and welcoming, like a quiet summer afternoon. Something peaceful but without being literal or using any traditional iconography. A beautiful and well fitted design.

Web Design & Long Term Brand Development

Jessica's website consists of a simple yet communicative design. All elements use soft and friendly colours. The various pages are easy to find and reduced to medium size content for ease of use by clients. >>>> Jessica's Website HERE

Online Form Management

The forms that need to be completed by Jessica's potential clients require HIPAA certification which we provide using our form system. Each time the form is completed, Jessica is immediately notified.

Google Analytics

Although Jessica's business does not heavily rely on Google Analytics, the data is fully tracked and available for her to access. All website built by the Branding Department come standard with Google Analytics as a standard feature.

"One of our longest ongoing clients..."