Johnstone Supply, The Orion Group

The insight I get does wonders for my position, my objectives and my initiatives. They don’t just care about me in the job that I’m doing, but me as a personal human being. That’s different than most business relationships; they really invest in who I am and want to see me succeed as a person.. ~ Erik Rowen, Marketing Manager, Johnstone Supply - The Orion Group

Client since: 2019
Industry: HVAC Services
Location: Fresno, California (Central Valley)

"Over the last 3 years, we’ve worked with Johnstone Supply, The Orion Group to build them an incredibly powerful and robust marketing calendar, marketing systems, design assets and consulting strategy to elevate their goals in a traditionally low-engagement marketing audience in the B2B wholesale world. Driving user engagement in top initiatives has resulted in multiple years of growth in target categories.."

~ Christian Honetschlager CEO, Co-Founder Branding Department

Services Provided:

Web Design & Long Term Brand Development

Johnstone supply, The Orion Group is an HVAC distribution company. They communicated that they wanted to create Powered By Johnstone brand so their dealers and partners would benefit. The size, scope and functionality of the website has grown tremendously since we started working together. It remains one of the most 'feature rich' websites the Branding Department current operates.
>>>> Powered By Website HERE

Online Form Management

There are many online forms required to meet the needs of The Orion Group brand. The Branding Department manages their system providing creative work, easy-to-digest results and data, along with standard encryption and storage.

Google Analytics

A company the size of The Orion Group requires many metrics and communciation channels to be tracked for various marketing and decison making needs. The Branding Department makes that happen.

Complete Brand Overhaul and Redesign

Johnstone Supply, The Orion Group is a family owned HVAC distribution company positioned in the Central Valley of California.

  • Dedicated website for their dealers and partners to easilyy use and research
  • Deeply integrated Google Analytics and tracking systems
  • Vehicle wraps and redesigned print collateral
  • Weekly consulting for ongoing brand guidance, analysis and results presentations
  • Online systems managment systems for inter-company communication and accountability
  • Managing the marketing systems for their training center

  • "We deliver results and systems so well that The Orion Group recommends us to their own customers."