Keep Cool South Texas

We've been working with the Branding Department for 6 months. Outstanding job with scope of project, detailed plan and execution. Would highly recommend them for branding and marketing efforts. ~ Tim Stephens

Client since: 2020
Industry: HVAC Service Quote System
Location: South Texas Region, 6 cities

"Tim has a strong vision for the future of his company. He maintains a well structured plan yet is open minded to the organic nature of marketing and the need to adapt to the results and data. Working with Tim is exciting, engaging and friendly.

~ Jason Hilton, Founder Branding Department

Services Provided:

Bold & Loud

The Branding Department has built Keep Cool South Texas from the ground up. Currently in Phase 2 of development but fully operational, this logo brings attention, is easy to read from a distance and will stand out with high-contrast design theory. Perfect for drawing eyes.

Web Design & Long Term Brand Development

The Keep Cool website has a highly refined call-to-action layout. Designed to be bold, bright and easy to navigate with a robust Google Analyitcs integration that rounds out this simple yet powerful website.
>>>> Keep Cool South Texas Website HERE

Online Form Managment

A system is being used to provide information and notifications quickly so that Keep Cool is able to respond immediately.

Weekly Consulting

We explore the results of marketing and online presence each meeting. The process requires long term planning and a willingness to explore bold solutions for how to express a brand like Keep Cool South Texas.

New Brand Design

The Keep Cool South Texas brand has been built from the ground up, fresh. The goal is to develop an engaging and easy going brand with a friendly-sassy brand voice.

  • New and contemporary logo
  • New Website with thorough and fully integrated Google Analytics
  • Geo-specific marketing
  • Weekly consulting for ongoing brand guidance, analysis and results presentations
  • Online systems managment systems for inter-company communication and accountability

  • "New ideas require planning, trial and error and bravery. These are all great reasons as to why we work with the Keep Cool South Texas brand."