Monkey Tree Services

The Branding Department are on the pulse of what modern business needs are. Forward thinking and their anticipatory mindset has never let our operations down. The fast paced business world requires a solid pit crew and we have always maintained momentum in our race thanks to the work of Branding Department. ~ Seth Mennie

Client since: 2011
Industry: Arborism
Location: Vancouver, Canada

"The amount of success and growth that Seth has seen for Monkey Tree Services is tesitment to his hard work and dedication. With his lead backed by the Branding Department services, we've established a long and fruitfuil success story. Fun fact; Seth and his business were one of the first clients I ever had."

~ Jason Hilton, Founder Branding Department

Services Provided:

Web Design & Long Term Brand Development

Monkey Tree Services benefits from a clean, approachable and information based design. The business sees high trafic so it must be concise in it's call-to-action and tracking.
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Online Form Management

One of the great things about the online form system is that it drives nearly all action to either a form or direct call. After all these years the systems have consistently delivered results.

Low Stress Website Hosting & Maintenance.

Seth was clear that he didn't want a large workload on his end to use the website or delays on updates. We've been delivering for 10+ years now.

"Honestly, Monkey Tree Services receives more online form submissions than many of our larger clients combined. To be blunt, it's #$%!'n ridiculous how well that system is performing."
~ Spoken during one of our data analysis meetings.