Northern Lights Wildlife Society

We have been working with Jason for over 10 years now and couldn't be happier. His customer service is outstanding and he makes a sincere effort to understand his customer's needs and preferences. His advice has been innovative and helped us expand our reach and significantly improving our revenue. We can highly recommend his services! ~ Angelika Langen

Client since: 2010
Industry: Non-profit Wildlife Rehab and Rewilding
Location: British Columbia, California

"Animals are an important part of the culture of the Branding Department. It means a lot to be able to help wildlife and it's a privilege for us and me personally, to work with Angelika and her dedicated team."

~ Jason Hilton, Founder Branding Department

Services Provided:

Web Design & Long Term Brand Development

As Northern Lights grew, they have had to redesign their online systems and website to meet the growing demands of their non-proift operations. It's important to note that Northern Ligths Wildlife Society has had a three season television series called Wild Bear Rescue.
>>>> NLWS Website HERE

Online Form Management & Donation Management

Since communication is vital to growing a donor base, online forms being used and donation collection methods must work efficiently and consistently. These systems are critical to all areas of the society. Trust has always been part of the foudnation between us and them.

Google Analytics

For Northern Lights Wildife Society data has been at the center of many decisions about the most beneficial method for growing their donor base. Year after increase in all channels stands as test to the methods we use here at Branding Department.

Brand Management, Development and Refinement

Angelika and Northern Lights utilize a wide range of our services:

  • A fun and highly informative website with seasonal colour scheme updates
  • Email and content managment, in-house
  • Consistent email marketing and communciation results every year, avg 5% growth monthly
  • Integration of Trello into their in-house communication workflow
  • 10 years of active brand development
  • Weekly consulting for ongoing brand guidance, analysis and results presentations

  • "We love animals, what else can be said at this point?."