Ortiz Heating & AC

I've never met or worked with a company that operates with such passion, dedication and delivery. The website and systems they've built for me have directly led to tremendous growth for my company. They focus on trust, solutions and results. Every business owner would benefit from working with the Branding Department. ~ Alex Ortiz

Client since: 2019
Industry: HVAC Services
Location: San Francisco, California

"Alex and I met during an HVAC conference in 2019. Immediately is was clear to me that Alex was ambitious, focused and open minded with his business. He knew he needed to grow Ortiz Heating & AC but was unsure how to scale his in-office systems, online profiles and data management.

In the years since we started working with Alex it has been a pleasure to get to know him both personally and professionally."

~ Jason Hilton, Founder Branding Department

Services Provided:

Rebranded With Intent - Logo

The HVAC industry is prone to blue/red design theory, too both evoke hot/cold ideas but also rooted in the US marketing sphere. Alex Ortiz trusted us to deliver the Ortiz brand to the world while breaking those design theories. Something bold, clear and approachble.

Web Design & Long Term Brand Development

The Ortiz website embodies a complete and refereshing colour scheme and layout from his previous website. All elements are bright, friendly and clear to read. The various pages are easy to find and provide easy navigation for customers to research the services being offered.
>>>> Ortiz Website HERE

Online Form Managment

Since inception, the forms used by Alex for his business have delivered notifictions quickly. This gives Alex the best chance at securing the lead as a new customer. He can regularly access all data from the forms which securely stored and archived as needed.

Google Analytics

Data is a vital part of the ambitions and planning he has for Ortiz Heating & AC. Weekly we meet to discuss, strategize and analyze results from the work we do and the results he's seeing at his end. For three years now he has grown an avg. of 150% year over year with the help of solid data to use in decision making.

Complete Brand Overhaul & Redesign

Ortiz Heating & AC remains one of our most robust and thorough Brand Refesh projects since business began. Everything needed to be replaced, organized and systemized. Below is a list of some of the elements refreshed.

  • New and contemporary logo
  • New Website with thorough and fully integrated Google Analytics
  • Vehicle wraps and redesigned print collateral
  • Weekly consulting for ongoing brand guidance, analysis and results presentations
  • Online systems managment systems for inter-company communication and accountability
  • Yelp Management

    Ortiz has a focus on increased market share in their already dominated markets. We use our Yelp agency status to keep the Ortiz name fresh in their community's mind.

  • Yelp Analytics
  • Phone & Lead Tracking
  • Brand Consistency

  • "Not only a client, but now, also our friend."