Shaw's AC & Heating

I highly recommend the Branding Department. From consulting, website design to direct mail design. To all the great marketing ideas and the weekly meetings for performance on the different campaigns. Great relationship.
~ Jeff Shaw

Client since: 2019
Industry: HVAC Services
Location: Tulare County, California

"The owner-operators of Shaw's, Jeff and Annette, are a powerful team of dedicated professionals in their field and region. Their business has a long reputation for top shelf services and results. We enjoy the relationship that we have with Jeff, Annette and their family. We aim to match their dedication on all levels."

~ Jason Hilton, Founder Branding Department

Services Provided:

Logo Merger - Rare Project Type

These kinds of projects are always interesting to us. Merging two established brands and logos took over 16 months of progressive changes. The process was smooth, stress free and successful. The Shaw (Brown Merger) is an example of the dept of brand development we do here.

Web Design & Long Term Brand Development

The Shaw website embodies a lush ecosystem of information and options. The level of detail provided by their services required easy to find and read information.
>>>> Shaw Website HERE

Brand Merger

The Shaw company purchased an established company in 2019 called Brown's. The services we provided over 16 months were the result of a well utilized and executed plan for a smooth brand merger. This involved logo refresh, vehicle decals, marketing collateral, billboards, communication systems and online form management.

Google Analytics

Jeff uses data for his business decisions to reach his marketing goals and ambitions. We provide weekly insight into his metrics, while also providing him the raw data for in-house analysis. It's an effective and results driven service.

Tremendous Growth

The concerted and well planned brand development with Shaw's is best explained by the results.

  • Complete brand overhaul
  • Successful brand merger over 16 months
  • Successful service territory and market acquisition
  • Custom made animated marketing videos.
  • Brand mascot development and implementation (Meet Orval)
  • Fresh Website with thorough and fully integrated Google Analytics
  • Vehicle wraps and redesigned print collateral
  • Weekly consulting for ongoing brand guidance, analysis and results presentations
  • Online systems managment systems for inter-company communication and accountability
  • Yelp Management

    The Shaw team has made customer acquisition a top priority. We're leveraging our agency status to help Shaw dominate their Yelp markets.

  • Yelp Analytics
  • Phone & Lead Tracking
  • Brand Consistency

  • "One of the top performing clients we work with.
    Absolutely amazing results that have exceeded all projections for 24+ months straight."